Why is the Rolex glass a cut above the watch?

If you take a look at the Cheap Rolex Watches on your hands, you will notice that the Rolex glass is a cut above the bezel of the watch. Many years ago, when I first started buying watches, I also noticed that the Rolex glass was different from other watches, and I was intrigued by the fact that the Rolex glass was a cut above the bezel. But after all, it’s just a glass, so one look and a comment and it’s over.

The Rolex glass is taller than the watch.

Rolex glass higher than the bezel a cut off, at first I was very confused, and also with friends said, Rolex this glass do not know why it should be a cut off, the design is unreasonable ah, easy to knocked ah. One day, I wore an IWC watch (now I think, I have bought several IWC watches, I really like the look of the IWC watch), I did not pay attention when walking, plus the IWC watch are relatively large, the table knocked to the table. The table is made of tempered glass, so it didn’t feel too badly knocked, and when I lifted my hand to look at the watch, I noticed that the bezel was knocked out of a few holes. In order to show that the table is large, the bezel is very narrow and sharp, the bezel is like a knife after knocking a mouth, I think the brothers can know what it’s like to wear Wanguo. This degree of my own can not repair, I am also quite distressed.

The friend who wears Wanguo next to me also told me that his watch is also the bezel is very easy to knock, leaving a pit. I later learned more about it, and found that my knocked is quite light, just open a hole. A brother wears the Portuguese 7, knocked heavier, all affected the dial. Because the bezel knocked in after the squeeze to the dial, even hurt the dial.

The disk of IWC is very large because the bezel is very narrow.

I myself think, before feeling wear Rolex feel also often knocked, how did not leave a mouth it? I looked at the Rau in my hand and noticed that there were hardly any holes except for more or less scratches on the bezel. It seems that I had heard that the Rolex crystal is used to protect the bezel, and I didn’t really understand it at that time, but now I really believe it.

The bezel is the easiest place for a watch to bump into. The dive watch that has an outer ring is fine, especially now some high-end dive watches are ceramic ring, not afraid of knock. But the general steel case, gold case of the watch is not. Many of the watch crystal glass and bezel is basically a plane, so a knock certainly knocked to the bezel. Steel ring, gold ring are soft, a knock will be easy to leave an opening. Rolex glass made higher than the bezel of a cut off, knock will first knock to the glass, so it is not knocked to the bezel (of course, in addition to Rolex and some tables are also so, I take Rolex as a representative). Some people will definitely say, not knocking bezel, you glass is not afraid of knocking? It’s true, the glass is really “not afraid to knock”. Because we all know, now the high-end table crystal glass are sapphire glass, is man-made sapphire. Diamond is the highest hardness, diamond Moh’s hardness is 10, sapphire second Moh’s hardness is 9, the Moh’s hardness of steel is about 6 (because different steel will have a little different).

Some people will look at it and think, this number is not much different? The reality is that the difference in hardness between each number is quite large, for example, a diamond is 10, a sapphire is 9, and the difference in between is that a diamond is 100 times harder than a sapphire. The difference between each grade is a huge number. So sapphire glass is much harder than a steel case. Rolexes are usually knocked into sapphire glass, and the knock didn’t leave a mark. The special thing to talk about here is the dogtooth ring. Because Rau’s dogtooth ring are gold rings, itself soft, and the angle is very sharp, knocked is an opening. The sapphire glass high out of the bezel protects the dog’s teeth very well, so it is not easy to knock on the dog’s teeth.

The watch glass of the Rolex Sport is also taller.

Is everything ok with the glass protection? That’s not it.The sapphire glass, which is a cut above the Rolex (including other watches that use this method), usually looks fine, but the most tragic thing is to just knock the glass off. Some brothers will say, didn’t you say above that sapphire glass is not afraid of being knocked? Usually small knocks really aren’t a problem, but sometimes it’s just such an inch that you don’t know when it’s heavy and the sapphire glass can be knocked open. Because of this situation, I bumped it twice. One table was knocked at the 6 o’clock position, one table was knocked at the 2 o’clock position, both knocked out of the mouth.

Steel case, gold case what knocked on the basic can be repaired, or sharpened to make it less obvious. Really knocked heavy, knocked glass, then you can only replace the glass, no repair. The more expensive place is, in fact, the official a glass not much money, but the official replacement glass need to do maintenance with the movement, because the replacement glass, the movement out if not wash the oil, there may be because of dust and other reasons can not reach the original standard (that is, this kind of reason).

In the last few months, I feel like I’m always fixing watches, either this one or that one, and there’s still one that hasn’t been repaired yet. Fortunately, the two watches I’ve recently repaired are still under warranty, which is lucky. So guys, no matter what the watch is, you can’t be too “capricious” when you wear it.