One of the misconceptions of new watch fans, underestimating Rolex

Let’s cut to the chase. Many years ago, I read a book “XX mistakes new watch fans tend to make” (I’ve forgotten how many). After reading it, I was deeply touched, because I had made many of the mistakes in the beginning. Years later, I can’t remember exactly how many mistakes I made in that article, but there were two “mistakes” that I still remember: “underestimating a Rolex” and “underestimating an Omega”. A watch (I won’t say which one yet)”, I was going to write about these two misconceptions in one place, but then I thought about it and decided to write about them one at a time, otherwise it will be too long and inconvenient for you to read. Today, I’m going to write about one of the misconceptions of new watch enthusiasts, which is that they underestimate Rolex.

Rolex is one of the two kings in the watch industry.

I’m not going to make any false claims, but let’s take myself as an example. I was brought into the watch world by Mr. Pan, who taught me about watch knowledge, mechanics, market conditions and buying watches. The truth, mentor and friend, even today, I have the inability to estimate the price of the watch, struggle to decide on the watch, I have to consult Pan. When I first started buying watches, the poisoning was deep, and I was eager to detoxify, and I liked all the watches I looked at. The worst part was holding onto the watch, eager to spend the money and buy the watch back.

Rolex is currently the most popular watch, the Green Ghost.

I don’t want to buy Rolex at the beginning, I think many people don’t like Rolex at the beginning, I understand very well, I think Rolex “rotten street”, I think Rolex has no characteristics, I want my own personality. The total Pan told me to look more and not to rush to start, not to buy blindly. I was young and energetic, and my heart was eager, so I didn’t listen, so I started to “blindly buy”. I thought I understood a lot about watches, watch history. But these are actually “historical stories” and “brand stories” only, not the real market, at that time I did not understand. At that time I have bought a few watches, I felt good. After a while, I realized that the watches I bought before were “wrong” without being told.

One of the most popular Rolex watches, the ceramic ring Daytona.

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on one watch, and after spending several “tens of thousands”, I’m “out of ammunition” when I want to buy a watch again. I’m a poor man, and if I want to buy a watch again, I have to sell the watch in my hand, get the money back, and then buy a new one, which is a real problem. Then I realized that the watch I bought before is not easy to sell, and the “brand story”, “history”, “movement technology” are all gone in an instant! …all this glorious history and home-made movements couldn’t get me a few more Grandpa Mao, or even some watches no one wanted at all. And then I instantly understood why Pan was always telling me in earnest before that you had to buy a Lau….

One of the most popular Rolex models, the Scarlet Sea Angel.

People are like that, they don’t turn back until they hit the south wall, and they can’t understand it until they suffer themselves. After that, I started to buy Lao, continuously, and not to buy other watches. Once you start to buy, it’s natural to start “researching”. The more I bought, the more I understood everything. In the midst of buying, you begin to be attracted by Rolex, you begin to be obsessed with Rolex, you begin to find that Rolex is the real king. The Rolex will be tired of wearing, of course it will. It’s the same old rule, if you get tired of wearing it, you’ll sell it, and then buy another watch to wear. This time around, it’s the complete opposite. The Rolex is very easy to sell, and the friends who do luxury jewelry around them often come to grind people out in no time, “Are you tired of playing with the LV in your hand? A Rolex is never a worry for the underdog.

Rolex tired of also have to change tastes, toss other tables to play. The actual time to play with a long time, the various market also familiar, will know which table bought will not lose any money, which table bought will hit the hand. In fact, in addition to Rolex, other brands of watches, as long as you buy the right style, and understanding of the watch receiving quotes, basic will not lose much money, but the problem is, these tables are needed for a period of time to accumulate experience. The good thing about Rolex is that they are all popular, are very strong, stupid to buy a watch, no difficulty, like which one to buy which one (there are two points to be careful, one is an old model, one is a non-Oyster table, please understand yourself).

Mr. Pan said before, “If you don’t have any work in your hands, you don’t know what you’re doing”. This is something I have engraved in my heart. No matter what I do, I want to keep the Rolex in my hand. I can sell other watches without hesitation, but I can’t do without the Rolex. The Rolex is not in my hand now, but I will always have a Rolex in my drawer. I don’t have a Rolex in my hand, I don’t know what I’m doing.

A watch is a brand, whoever starts to contact with a watch is first to look at the brand, which brand is high, which brand is low, everyone wants a big brand, face enough. But it is also this brand positioning, so that new players can easily ignore the Rolex. Because according to the positioning of the brand, the top brand is Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Blancpain and so on, and then below is Rolex, Omega, Universal, Cartier and so on. So new players feel that Rolex is not the most premium watch, Rolex does not have a complicated watch. So the top brands of watches that do complications are better than Rolex. So there are all kinds of discussions among players, who is better, Rolex or World Wide? Who’s better, Law or Jaeger? Who’s better, Law or GO? And so on. Anyway the comparison comes down to Rau not being as good as them. This positioning is sometimes misleading….

I don’t want to be vain, it’s all about people who take money for watches for experience, so don’t talk about feelings where you can talk about money. I do not have any brand positioning high and low in my heart. Patek Philippe and Rolex is a worthy king, because the current sale of watches, antique watches, first-hand market, second-hand market, auction market, Patek Philippe and Rolex’s king status is the world’s players with “money” as votes, elected. This has nothing to do with whether Rolex makes complications or not, or whether it is a top watch or not.

The Rolex Annual Calendar Gold Case Skywalker 326138 is more expensive than the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5146 or the Lange & Söhne Annual Calendar 1815. A used steel case Ditoner is more expensive than a used Patek Philippe 5196J (I won’t even talk about the other brands), the 5196J metric is 180,000, and the steel case Ditoner is just over 90,000. In the process of tossing the watch, I deeply feel that Rolex is “really expensive”, many other watches, many so-called positioning higher than Rolex, are just “expensive” only, not many watches in the mainstream brands can really expensive than Rolex (the same). (The type of watch that takes a minute repeater than a DD which is meaningless). Brand positioning doesn’t tell you anything and doesn’t mean anything. I think we all know that Franck Muller, Girard-Perregaux, Ulysse Nardin, Parmigiani, etc. are all top brands, but I think you all know what the actual price is.

There are a lot of people who like Rolex, and a lot of people who don’t like Law. New players, pay attention to Rolex, can be less detours. When you don’t know what watch to buy, buy a Rolex, a watch can be worn in any situation, and you can lose less money in the future. Rolex is a very easy start, wait to see more, experience enough, buy other brands of watches will also be able to do not lose much money. I’ve been writing about Rolex for a long time, but I’ve been wearing Rolex less, I’m wearing a Blancpain on my hand at the moment, and I’m sending away a Breguet today, even so, Rolex is still my most important watch.

The watch is a play, like what to buy, buy more without others to say, they understand everything. Otherwise, it’s all talk on paper.