Is the five-bead Rolex chain a big trend this year?

As a fashion trend, watches in addition to performance, their appearance design is valued by many people, after all, people, is very typical of visual animals, and men like beautiful women, women like handsome one reason (yes, I like handsome). As a pivotal watchmaking brand, Rolex’s hot degree, I’m sure many people can deeply appreciate when they look at one of the CHEAP ROLEX WATCHES watches they can’t buy late at night and sigh to heaven. For Rolex, I would say not only its classic styling, but also a part that cannot be ignored, the bracelet.

Is the five-bead Rolex chain a big trend this year?

The different models of Rolex use different bracelets, which happens to be a very important sign to distinguish between different models, plus the different aesthetics of each person, which will indirectly become an important reason for you to get into the watch model.

Generally speaking, Rolex commonly has a total of four different types of bracelets: the Oyster bracelet, the Führer bracelet, the PEARLMASTER bracelet and the commemorative bracelet, also known as the five-bead bracelet.

Is the five-bead Rolex chain a big trend this year?

First, let’s talk about the more familiar Oyster bracelet. Oyster bracelet long this way, you can see, the bracelet has three wide, slightly curved links, is a very classic Rolex design, many watchmakers say the Oyster bracelet looks more suitable for men’s toughness. The Rolex Oyster bracelet has gone through a total of three generations, continuous improvement, into our common now this look, but the third generation of the Oyster bracelet in the beginning, the chain link is used hollow, then replaced with a solid, the price has also changed.

Then we come to the Führer bracelet. In 1956, Rolex introduced the Day-Date with the Führer bracelet, which is still in use today.

The Führer bracelet is usually used on DD models or on women’s precious metal models of the Journal type. However, for the Führer bracelet, Rolex later replaced the steel shaft connecting the links with a ceramic shaft, which, as we all know, wears out over time.

The PEARLMASTER watch bracelet with five ring links, after all, is easier to identify and is used in women’s watches, not to mention the PEARLMASTER watch bracelet with five ring links.

Today’s focus is on the commemorative watch bracelet, or the five-bead chain.

The first Rolex Logbook model

In fact, it is not difficult to find that Rolex is very thoughtful in adjusting the details, increasing and decreasing the number of links on the bracelet, becoming larger and smaller to change the style of the bracelet, but still full of the Rolex flavor. A five-bead chain with five compartments of links, the three links in the middle are smaller and the ones on the sides are wider.

This year’s Baselworld Rolex’s new GMT models have been seen by everyone, right? This year’s blue and black circle GMT model uses a five-bead chain, the idea is going a little bit further, this is not the first time Rolex has used a five-bead chain on a GMT model, it was also used on the vintage Rolex GMT model and the blue and red circle GMT model before that. But I wonder if you’ve noticed? The Greenwich II only uses the five-bead bracelet on steel watches, and the precious metal models still use the Oyster bracelet, and to a certain extent, Rolex has been witty in distinguishing the steel and precious metal models through the bracelet as a way of contrasting them.

The five-bead bracelet is not only used on this year’s GMT models with blue and black circles, but also on the DATE JUST models. The five-bead chain was often used on watches with a triangular pitted bezel (but it doesn’t mean that a watch with a pitted bezel is necessarily a five-bead chain. Gradually, Rolex used the five-bead chain on models without the pit pattern as well.

It is worth noting that this year Tudor’s watch bracelet has also changed. The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you’re in the right place. Take a look, does it look familiar. Tudor’s this watch band called five-row link gold steel watch band, is also composed of five grid link, the most middle link is used polished steel, the spacing link between the two rows is used frosted gold, and Rolex’s five-bead chain in the details of the distinction, the latter’s five-bead chain in the middle of the three grid link with the same material. The previous Tudor’s Biwan watch model went sporty, more gentle after changing the bracelet, think this year Tudor’s Biwan model is also a good choice, worth starting.

Rolex has also improved on this point, adding ceramic tube to the steel shaft connecting the links in the middle of the bracelet, which reduces the wear between the links.

The Rolex five-bead chain is making a comeback again and is used on more and more watches, which I think will be a trend this year.